Why Do Kids Cyberbully?

New studies published in the book, "Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard" by Hinduja and Patchin, charts the following reasons why youth bully online:

  • 22% motivated by revenge
  • 18.7% said the victim deserved it
  • 10.6 % said they did it for fun
  • 3.9% hated the victim
  • 3.5% pressured by peers
  • 2.8% retaliated against a bully
  • 2.5% venting anger
  • 5.7% other reasons

According to the 2007 Executive Research Summary "Teens and Cyberbullying" produced by the National Crime Prevention Council, when teens were asked why they were cyberbullied, they responded

  • They think it’s funny (81%)
  • They don’t think it’s a big deal
  • They don’t think about the consequences
  • They are encouraged by friends
  • They think everybody cyberbullies
  • They think they won’t get caught